When it comes to food I can be pretty lazy, always going for the easy option of take away or microwave meals. This, is partly down to my daily work commute taking 3+ hours each way but that shouldn't really be an excuse.

I'm the wrong side of thirty now and thought it was about time I started watching what I put in by body, what with that whole ageing thing.

My girlfriend/missus/lover loves cooking and I love spending time with her in the kitchen and sharing the cooking experience with her.

Over the past few months I have discovered just how easy cooking can be and that I already have a bunch of favourite recipes that I'd like to share. I'm not claiming to be the next Nigella (the hairy chest is a bit of a give away...) but cooking really is easy and it's possible to have a nutritious meal every day and make sure there's enough for lunch too. The main winner here is that not only is it yummy, you'll also be saving money too.

I hope that you will enjoy the recipes I've decided to share. They all taste absolutely amazing and I hope it will make you want to cook too (HA! That's the title).

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